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  Yea, I was there to see Nomar Garciaparra's first game as a Chicago Cub. This also was the game where Maddux was going for win 300. I also saw several Cubs personalities in the concession stand halls and ramps. I saw Chip Carey and Steve Stone while at a hot dog stand. I yelled out, "Hey Chippie!" He waved. Ron Santo was on his cart going up a ramp. I said, "Hi Ron. We have Nomar! We're in good shape." He said, "Yep, we are." His cart got stuck on the ramp. It was like the scene in Austin Powers. Lee Smith was walking towards the entrance to the press box. I yelled out, "Hey Leeeeee". No response. Pat Hughes exited the press box after the game. I didn't say anything. It was kinda expected to see him leaving the press box.