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2004 Olympics. Day 07. Badminton.

Thursday August 19… Prime Time featured gymnastics and swimming… AGAIN. Is track and field starting yet? Though it was good to see the USA have an excellent day. Gold was flying around everywhere.

11pm-midnight. Bravo Channel. I don’t understand Bravo’s 33 minute obsession with sailing. Can someone explain that to me? Andrea wanted to see the Olympic committee force the competitors to train dolphins to do tricks while the competitors sail their little boats. I wanted to add canons to each boat and allow the competitors to shoot at each other. Now, that would be interesting. Or at the very least, force all the athletes to grow beards and wear pirate costumes.

Bravo showed about 2 minutes of badminton. Professional badminton is incredible. That shuttlecock was blinding fast. The Chinese defeated Great Britain for the gold. But it was close.

I don’t understand why badminton isn’t more popular. Most everyone has a badminton set in their garage. It’s fun. Who doesn’t like playing badminton? C’mon now. NBC should be broadcasting badminton prime time. I think a lot of Americans are getting tired of seeing a full week of swimming EVERY single night. Throw some badminton in there. Maybe they should get the NBA players to play badminton. We need to find a sport they can actually play.

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Laura K.

i was on the badminton team in high school. pro-badminton is NOTHING like backyard badminton. i sustained several “bird” injuries – yes, that thing does move like lightning, and it hurts when it hits you! it’s light, so it flies fast, but that rubber tip is like a rubber bullet. and it’s not as easy as it looks. i got a lot of pokes in high school for playing a “non”sport. but it IS a sport, and at the pro level, it’s tough.

Laura K.

how about the NOG olympics? each different board game counts as a different sport. Clue, Monopoly, Solarquest, Masterpiece, Scrabble, etc. i would be the gold-medal winner in Clue! these would be the “coffee-table olympics”.

Matt Maldre

Yeah. Laura rules at Clue. I have NEVER seen her lose.

Tom Saaristo
Tom Saaristo

What does the network show when everyone is at work? Maybe the Track & Field is on during the day. Maybe NBC feels like the most popular sports are swimming and gymnastics so they put show those during Prime Time. I for one would love to see them mix it up a little bit more.

Laura K.

um, Tom, not EVERYONE is at work. i for one am sitting at home in front of the TV during the day [not by choice]. so let’s see, what’s on? um, i’ve been watching “ER” reruns, so i don’t know about the Olympics.

Tom Saaristo
Tom Saaristo

LOL Laura! OK, the question should have been, what is the network showing during the day? You’re not watching the Olympics? Heck, ER re-runs will re-run into oblivian. They won’t be re-running the Olympics anytime soon … will they?


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