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Archive | November, 2004

soundwave like you've never seen him

soundwave like you’ve never seen him

Here’s a great 3 minute 45 second video of Soundwave dancing. For those who don’t know; Soundwave is the absolute coolest Transformer ever. He’s cold steel. However, he breaks out of that chilly mode and shows that he can rip a few moves. He is a cassette player after all. (It’s funny how the coolest […]

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imac clock

imac clock

Check out the iclock. Clock + G3 iMac = iClock. It’s 3.25 x 3.5″. It has alot of features too: Year, Month, Day, Day of the Week, Time, Temperature, Target Date (Countdown timer), Five Alarms, Snooze Button I want one. I might buy it. I wish I could add it to my amazon wish list. […]

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