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Archive | September, 2005

new nintendo controller for Revolution

new nintendo controller for Revolution

On Thursday, Nintendo announced the new controller for their new “Revolution” gaming system. It’s a one-handed motion-sensitive controller! It looks very similiar to a television remote control. “For the fist time, a controller will allow you movement in every direction. Obviously left and right, but you can also move in and out, pitch and yaw.”-Reggie […]

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Adobe laptop bag

Adobe laptop bag

“The ultimate bag for the creative professional” That’s what Adobe is calling its new messenger bag. It looks pretty nice. It has a nice 1.6-1.8MM tumbled leather flap. There’s external routing strips that let you streamline your wires. whatever that means. And it has all the other kind of stuff you expect from a laptop […]

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why does everyone say the ipod looks "clean"?

why does everyone say the ipod looks “clean”?

The iPod has become a cultural icon of design. You ask Joe Schmo on the street what is good design and chances are he’ll say either “i have no idea” or “the ipod”. If you ask why; he’ll probably say that it’s because of the simplistic design and intuitive interface. Well the folks over at […]

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more reasons why i don’t like the white sox [#6]

6. TERRIBLE USE OF SCOREBOARD I have no problem with modern technology having a role in today’s major league baseball game. I’m not on the side saying that baseball should be tradition-based manually operated scoreboards. Baseball is complex sport. It’s nice to have a big jumbotron that shows interesting stats all the time and offers […]

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more reasons why i don’t like the white sox [#5]

5. NO ICE CREAM MALT SMOOTHIES For years, Sox fans have been bragging about how their food selection is far superior to Wrigely’s. First off, I don’t want to go to a ball game and eat some crazy food. And I’m not a picky eater. I like to try different foods. I eat sushi. I’ll […]

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