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Archive | June, 2006

crazy insect mutations

head over to to check out some crazy insect mutations. They are kinda creepy without being gross. Quite clever and thought-provoking. My fav is the scorpion with the metal extention between its right claw and its body. Though the walking green bug is fun as well. The window will show the site requirements towards […]

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another cool date: 06.02.2006 this date has special meaning for me cuz my address contains uses all those numbers above and just those numbers.

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why was neifi perez batting 2nd?

Can anyone in the world tell me why Neifi Perez was batting second last night? Neifi was batting .206Cedeno was batting about .287Murton was batting about .289And Womack has been red-hot since coming to the Cubs. But who wants hot players in the game? Not Baker. He rests hot players. He always does. moron. Murton […]

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Petco Park Construction photo

Petco Park Construction photo

In the near future, I will be attending a San Diego Padres game at Petco Park. I was curious to see what the surrouding area look like from Satellite photography from Google Maps. It’s kinda interesting to see this constuction photo.

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