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Archive | January, 2012

fish soap

fish soap

We’ve been using this soap in my house for a while. I saw it recently at Target. I love it. It’s clear soap with fish decals on the container simulating an aquatic scene… but they’re swimming in soap! This stuff always cracks me up.

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how'd you fall down?

how’d you fall down?

I thought this was an interesting, although incredibly impractical, design to put on the bottom of a shoe. I’ve always been interested in the balance of aesthetics and functionality found in shoe soles. I tend to sway towards to the idea that utilitarian designs can have equal or greater aesthetic value than the display shown […]

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To Protect To Serve

To Protect To Serve

Certainly their job is not to protect and serve the usage of proper quotation marks. Even if you pardon their use of the inches punctuation, they are still facing the wrong direction. Fail on Wheaton, Illinois Police Department. Also, shouldn’t it be “To Protect. To Serve.” and not “To Protect To Serve”? So they really […]

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don't do it, i mean it, i really mean it

don’t do it, i mean it, i really mean it

This sign on the trail by my house always cracks me up. Just the idea of having this sign is funny. The sign states the obvious, “Trail flooded ahead” and then continues with further instruction, “Turn around”. Then it just gets really freaked out and proclaims, “Don’t drown”. It reminds me of many conversations in […]

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