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Barnes & Noble price gougers

I’m interested in purchasing, “The Book Publishing Industry, Second Edition” in paperback. So I did some comparison shopping and I was shocked at the practices of Barnes and Noble.

The book retails for $29.95. Amazon has it for $23.36. has it for $29.95. Then there’s They’re selling it for $40.45 to their members and $44.95 to non-members. I was always turned off by Barnes and Noble’s annual membership fee of $25. Borders offers theirs for free. But this isn’t a rant about whether the membership fee is worth it. Barnes and Noble is charging 25% more than the retail price! What a bunch of scallywags. I mean really. That’s just downright offensive. I always thought Borders was stupid for not discounting their books in their online shop to compete with Amazon. But Barnes and Noble has the guts to mark up their books 25%. That’s despicable.

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Tom Saaristo

That is positively outrageous!


How are they even still in business? Who would pay these prices?

Matt Maldre

I was gonna say the same thing. Barnes and Nobles. They still in business. No way. Didn’t they start out as some small used book store or something? That’s where they should go back. Back to their hole in the ground.

Matt Maldre

yeah the BN art/design section has books that feel like they are 10 years old. And they aren’t even good 10-year-old books.

Matt Maldre

I wonder if I tweet this, if BN would hear me yap about it.