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brocolli pork cheese tortilla treat

I call this recipe Bro Po Cheeto.

cheedar cheese
chilli-rubbed pork

I’m not much of a chef. However, the other day, my wife and I were having leftovers and I felt unusually experimental with my food. I placed some shredded cheddar cheese on tortilla chip. The tortilla chip was broken from a larger piece about 7″ in diameter. It had a nice thickness to it. It wasn’t thin like a lot of nacho chips out there. A piece of pork rested atop the cheese. It had a chili rub on it (which is probably the ingredient that made this combo tasty). The crown is a steamed piece of brocolli. Usually I like my brocolli crisply prepared, however, this piece was quite limp and it provided a nice contrast to the crisp tortilla chip.

The food was prepared in bite-size pieces which allowed me to pick up the tortilla chip base and eat the whole thing in one bite. It was quite tasty.

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Matt Maldre

With that presentation, you could sell the meal for $100 a pop.

Mark R
Mark R

All Hail Iron Chef Moose-agawa…

Enjoy your culinary triumph but don’t disgrace yourself by stepping or walking on the kitchen counter like
Bobby Flay.

Tom Saaristo

Poor moose and his limp broccoli.

I think a taleggio cheese would probably work better with pork, but since I can’t taste that or this, I’ll give you props for creative use of ingredients and plating.


maybe you should have had this dish at your wedding reception! 😉