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cheap oil pastels

Looking for some affordable oil pastels? Go to I bought a 60 pack for only $6! That’s incredible! sells a bunch of oil pastels, but they are much more expensive.

Hobby Lobby has a 60 pack for $6 as well. Sorry, no link to Hobby Lobby oil pastels. You’ll have to go to the store and see your local Hobby Lobby has them.

I haven’t used oil pastels for about 13 or 14 years now. This’ll be interesting. I’ve been doing marker drawings on 22×30″ paper and i figured i should give a shot with the oil pastels.

IWU’ers, did we use oil pastels in Drawing I? I don’t think we did. I’m glad that Drawing II was anything like Drawing I. II was a good class.

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Laura K.
Laura K.

I don’t recall using oil pastels. I know we made a bunch of charcoal drawings, then ripped them up. Ann said it was a lesson in “impermanence.”

Tom Saaristo
Tom Saaristo

I used oil pastels in high school. In fact one of my oil pastels was purchased by the husband of one of the teachers after he saw it at an art show the school held. I think I sold more art in high school than I have in all the subsequent years

Tom Saaristo
Tom Saaristo

I would love to try using cattle markers. A quick Google search turned up a place you can buy from online for $2 each. A pack of 10 is $17.50. Something tells me these guys know artists are also using them. Too bad there aren’t any feed stores in the city

Laura K.
Laura K.

oh yes, the “underbelly” assignment. i did use oil pastels for that. i did the drawing of a bug turned over on its back, near a curb with cars going by. and i remember coloring the bottoms of my shoes with pastels, and then walking on the drawing to make footprints around the bug.

Matt Maldre

Now I remember! the Underbelly assignment was from Drawing II. I just remember thinking with Drawing II that it was a more fun class and Underbelly was one of the fun ones. In fact this assignment let us use whatever medium we wanted. So I immediately turned to one of my favorite media–the oil pastel, because I did not have a chance to use it in any drawing classes yet.

So yes, we never used oil pastels in IWU Drawing I class.