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Chicago Cougar

So you probably heard about the cougar that was shot dead by police in the Roscoe Village neighborhood in Chicago. The big topic of debate has been whether it was necessary to kill the cougar. I don’t think that’s issue at hand. I’m offended by the quotes provided by the police at the scene. They have gone on record as saying that the cougar was attacking them and that’s the reason why they had to shoot it. I don’t buy it. It’s been reported that 18 shots were fired. 18. Lemme get this straight. There’s a cougar attacking you. You need 18 shots to kill it? Gimme a break.

Let’s say I buy their story. For a cougar to be attacking something or someone, the cougar would need to be within a somewhat close range of the subject it is apparently attacking. So why did it take 18 shots to take down the cougar? Either the Chicago police who killed the cougar are incredible terrible gunsmen with absolutely no aim or they are liars.

JA3 cleared up this issue for me. I am sorry, Chicago Police.

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You have to understand how police are trained to respond to deadly threats. They are not trained to reevaluate the situation and make a new decision after every shot, because most deadly force situations are over in a matter of a few seconds and the time spent on deciding whether to keep shooting is likely to get them killed. The rule is, once you start shooting, you empty the clip and make decisions while you reload. 18 shots is probably the result of two officers unloading the entire contents of their service pistols. It may sound insane to civilians, but… Read more »

Mark R
Mark R

I guess my thought is… What difference does it make how many shots they used? Their primary concern was to eliminate the threat to both themselves and to the community at large. And I have to agree with Spud in that it wouldn’t have taken much for me to assume the cougar was going to attack. If we were in close quarters and that animal took so much as one step in my general direction, I would be very inclined to open fire. Even if they had exercised an unusual amount of self control given the situation and been able… Read more »


I am sad that a cat was killed. He probably thought that he was on some great adventure and was being a pioneer, exploring new territory. Then the natives shot him. He was probably very confused. 🙁

Diana G.

We were recently very surprised to see a coyote walking down the middle of the street in our very suburban neighborhood. I’m SO GLAD I didn’t call the police about it…

From what I heard, you could count on your two hands the number of recorded mt. lion attacks on humans. I believe it is VERY rare. I also believe there are FAR MORE recorded attacks of humans on mt. lions.

Mark R
Mark R


I hope you don’t have small dogs because coyotes have been known to kill/eat small dogs that they come across.