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Chris and Kris

My wife has a brother named, “Chris”. I have a sister named, “Kris”. It can get confusing at times. I’m going to suggest we pronounce Kris’ name as “KA-ris” and Chris’ name as “CHA-ris” with emphasis placed on the capped letters. Then again, it may not be a good idea cuz I don’t want people calling me “ERRRR-ik”. Then again, maybe I do. No, no. I don’t. Or do it?

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Matt Maldre

You could just go with Kah, Cha, and Air. I could be Mah. Your wife would be Ah.

Tom Saaristo

Does it really get confusing enough that you need to call them something other than their name? I wouldn’t want to be called something different just because my friends/family couldn’t take the time to say “My brother Tom” or whatever qualifier is accurate

“My bonehead, Tom”.