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complex origami folds

Origami gone crazy. Talk about complicated folds. This stuff is nuts! It’s a Japanese site, so don’t be afraid of all the question mark characters. The artist put English descriptions next to each item. It’s a shame that the photographs are such poor quality. These pieces would look 100 times better with some decent light and a better camera angles. oh well. still neat to check out.

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Matt Maldre

For some reason, I want to see this origami man dance. DANCE, MAN, DANCE! *shots at his feet*

Tom Saaristo

The appointment book on my desk is loaded with origami art. Each page has a title, the artist and how many sheets of paper each design was created from. Believe it: I’ve thought of spudart and moose more than once throughout the year looking at the art. One page even has a moose made of folded paper. Quite remarkable.

Mark R
Mark R

What do you think the dimensions of the piece are? I’d really like to see a life size origami person… Then you could make an entire army of origami soldiers. Kind of like the terra cotta army in China.

Speaking of that, did any of you see the replica of the terra cotta army that some artist made out of garbage. It was pretty impressive.

Tom Saaristo

I think that origami man is MAYBE 18″. Do you know how big the sheets of paper would have to be to fold a man that is 3 – 4 feet tall! You’d need an army of terra cotta men to help you!

You can buy replicas of the terra cotta men for around $200 – $300. Even an original wouldn’t cost much more.

Mark R
Mark R

I don’t know much about the garbage army, but there was a photo and a quick blurb in Smithsonian magazine about it a couple months ago. It was interesting.