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dollar store find: wrestling belt

Show friends and family that you’re a World Wrestling Champion. Skip the hours in gym and the grueling agony of a wrestling match and buy this belt for a grand total of $1 at your local dollar store.

I’m not sure why the eagle became displaced from his wings on this belt.

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Matt Maldre

Did you buy this World Wrestling Champion belt for one dollar? Please tell me you did.

Matt Maldre

You didn’t buy it? You didn’t know what to do with it? My head is exploding.

First off, you can wear it around the office.
You can use it as an award at the office. If someone does something dumb, simply give them the belt. It’s a buck. And it would be hilarious.

Put it around a tree. Any tree would like to be champion.

Wear it when you watch WWE. If you don’t watch WWE, wear it when you watch the Cubs games.

You have kids! Give it to Luke. Let him be a wrestling champion!


This summer a guy came into my work with just the very front of his t-shirt tucked into his pants to (I’m guessing) show off the giant belt buckle he was wearing.

I bet he would have LOVED this.

Matt Maldre

Looks like that fashion trend was about 3 years late to hit Whitewater.

Matt Maldre

I don’t know how olivia and luke would respond to this. But you could let them play with it. And then after the wonder has dropped off, you can say, “now championship belts are for trees. this tree will now have the championship belt from now on.”