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Earth Day

In observance of Earth Day, I took the stairs when leaving work rather than using the elevator down 24 flights of stairs. I do that every once in a while. Good exercise.

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Matt Maldre

A couple weeks ago I walked down 14 flights of stairs at the Tribune Tower, and it took a lot longer than i thought. For some reason going down seemed to take longer than going up. Maybe I was just being impatient thinking that going down stairs should go really fast. I’d like to learn some sort of acrobatic move where I can just climb down the staircase using only the railing and not having my feet touch the stairs at all. That would rock. Get down the stairs in like 10 seconds.

Tom Saaristo

Going down the stairs is good exercise? Really? Hmm … I keep telling myself I’m going to walk up at least 3 flights when I go home (I live on the 12th floor) … and I’ve thought about walking down all 12 flights, but don’t see the exercise value. There is no stairway access at work.

Tom Saaristo

OK, I’m back to say that walking down 12 flights of stairs every morning is not only good for the environment but obviously very good exercise. I didn’t expect much, but I can feel the muscles in my legs responding to the new regime. Maybe walking down 12 flights is better than walking up 3.

Matt Maldre

Try getting lost on the Coit Tower hill in San Francisco and walking up and down the hills. Actually, that wasn’t too bad. Although I thought walking down would be a breeze after walking up, but it’s like you have to be really careful when you walk down and bracing every step.