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ebay joy

I was strolling through the “Rocks, Fossils & Minerals” category on ebay and came across three “Pet Rock Buddies”. They are $2.89 each (shipping included). Hurry, these auctions end February 05 at about 10:30 a.m. CST.

pet rock buddy 1
pet rock buddy 2
pet rock buddy 3

You could always revisit the seller’s ebay page at a later date to see if more pet rock buddies become available.

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Matt Maldre

Oh wow. That is some great eBay fun. [FYI, the link to the seller’s store is not working]. So these pet rocks were the hot rage in 1975? (the year that we were born). It’s not wonder then that in grade school that I made my own pet rock. I remember it exactly. It was a long oblong black/white speckeled rock. I made paper cut-out eyes and glued them onto the end of the rock. And for the length of the rock, I glued on blue and black mohawk made from yarn. I thought I was so cool when I… Read more »


I just read your other posting on how rocks look impressive with a white circle and a number on it as if you inventoried the rock. I say if you make your own rock and you could for less than 2.49, that you also paint a number on the rock.