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Faceoff Friday: #2

Who will win?
ghost with chain or Tyrannosaurus Rex?

My money is on ghost with chain. He’s already dead, so there’s no way that the T-Rex can kill him. The Ghost will just repeatedly whip the T-Rex with his chain. Who do you think would win?

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Mark R
Mark R

I think I’m going to have to call it a draw. THe ghost by nature, can’t be defeated or killed. And while the ghost might get in a few shots with the chain, I think the T-Rex would eventually take the chain away from the ghost and eat it. That’s when the face-off becomes a draw.

Matt Maldre

Can a ghost really wield a chain? I mean REALLY. How many ghosts in REAL life have you seen holding a chain. They can’t hold ANYTHING. Stupid ghosts. *looks around my back* T-Rex wins hands down.

Ok, let’s say the ghost can actually HOLD a chain. What is the ghost gonna really do with it? “oh, i just hit your big toe.” T-Rex gnarls at the ghost and he drops the chain and runs away. Stupid ghosts.

Matt Maldre

I want to see something like Roadblock of G.I.Joe versus T-Rex. Now THAT’S a battle.