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faceoff friday: #7

Today’s Faceoff Friday is a little more abstract. I like to push the boundaries of Faceoff Friday. Use your imagination.

Who will win? black piece or silver piece?

I’m siding with silver piece. The giant hole at the top is his mouth and he will just munch up black piece. The little spikes on the right side of black piece are no match.

As a side note, both pieces were taken from a 3.5″ floppy disk drive.

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Mark R
Mark R

No way. I think Black piece would definitely win. Silver piece isn’t threatening at all as it looks thin and easily broken. Black piece on the other hand looks much sturdier and intimidating. It’s got the spikes, the handle looking thing. I think the black piece would do serious damage to the silver piece.

Matt Maldre

the silver piece looks way too thin and frail. Black piece wins.


The black piece is obviously a cannon – WITH a jagged blade-of-death (that pivots out of the way at the time of firing.)


The silver piece doesn’t stand a chance.

Matt Maldre

The silver piece is too lazy sitting at home drinking mai tais. The black piece is at home trying to be a ninja. Who do you think will win?

Matt Maldre

how can the holes be guns? Holes are nuthing.

Tom Saaristo

Fortunately the black piece is bulletproof. My password to post says so too: soviet!