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i am hungry

Many times I feel hunger while sitting at my desk at work. Often I have granola bars to help satisfy that hunger. Some days I have no food to fulfill my hunger. It is then that I often wish that plastic was edible. I have a plastic wildebeest standing on my desk that’s looking awfully tasty right now.

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Mark R
Mark R

I bring pop-tarts to work and eat them to curb my hunger. I prefer the frosted brown sugar and cinnamon variety, but the frosted strawberry ones are good too.

If that doesn’t work, there’s always a supply of candy here at the office. The receptionist always has a full candy dish and the tellers always have suckers to give to little kids.

Mark R
Mark R

Yes I toast them in the breakroom. It makes a nice smell for my fellow employees when they go in there.

Mark R
Mark R

What part of the plastic wildebeast would you eat first though. The head, the legs, the hind quarters?

Matt Maldre

if this was made of chocolate, the head would be the first to go.