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imac clock

Check out the iclock. Clock + G3 iMac = iClock. It’s 3.25 x 3.5″.

It has alot of features too: Year, Month, Day, Day of the Week, Time, Temperature, Target Date (Countdown timer), Five Alarms, Snooze Button

I want one. I might buy it. I wish I could add it to my amazon wish list. I have a feeling I’m becoming an iMac junkie now that I’m an iMac owner.

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Laura K.

it’s so teeny meeny tiny miny! it would look funny sitting next to your G5 iMac. it would look like it has shrunk in fear of the mighty G5. like compared to the mighty G5, it is miniscule in comparison. literally and figuratively! an interesting statement to make.

it’s only $10!

Matt Maldre

iMac junkie! iMac junkie! iMac junkie!

Matt Maldre

you could be an imac for halloween! oh wait that was two days ago. Well, start preparing now!

Laura K.

right, there’s always next year. don’t we say that about a certain baseball team too? 😉

Tom Saaristo

I thought being an iMac junkie was a requirement of owning an iMac. Get the clock and use it proudly!