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I actually wouldn’t mind having a mouse like the OpenOfficeMouse. It’s built for the opensource software, OpenOffice, but I like the concept behind it. Sure, it’s incredibly ugly with its awkward color combo of teal buttons, white body, and black wire, but more buttons means the more I can swiftly accomplish. The one button clicking Apple mouse of years past never did much for me. It always felt a little dumbed down. I think my hand can manage to operate a few buttons on the mouse.

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Matt Maldre

That’s like a Star Trek mouse.

Matt Maldre

In fact, that’s how they should market this. The Star Trek mouse.

Mark R
Mark R

I have to disagree with you Spud. No legitimate Star Trek fan would buy into that. Even in the earliest Star Trek movies and episodes, there were better tools for interfacing with the computer than a mouse (even with lots of buttons).

In fact, Scotty even made fun of modern day keyboards and such in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.