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new Nikon D2x SLR digital camera

Cool camera alert! The 12.4 megapixel Nikon D2x SLR digital camera was announced yesterday. If I had a ton of money, I would be the first in line to buy one. Well, maybe not the first. There’s alot of nutty, obessive-compulsive photographers out there. Macworld gives a quick summary, plus a summary on 3 new Coolpix cameras ranging from $400 to $1000.

No prices have been set, but the 14 megapixel Kodak DCS Pro SLR goes for $5000 retail.

Want more information on digital SLR cameras? Steves-Digicams offers a chart with simple specs. Though they list the x,y pixel dimensions (i.e. 2160 x 1440) rather than the megapixel. Kinda a pain in the butt.

Imaging-Resource is my favorite site for info on different digital cameras. They have a chart on SLR cameras as well. is ok. They don’t have a specific section on SLR. They organize their camera reviews by year. Kinda weird, but they’re French.

And the last one I’ll list is dpreview. You can sort their reviews chronologically, alphabetically, or by rating. There’s alot of other review sites, but I find these 4 that I listed to be the best. They give you A TON of information on the camera.

Here’s some links to info on the Nikon D2x SLR:
Wow, not too many links out there. Alot of the D2x info out there is rumor-related crap.

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Matt Maldre

I ate the Nikon D2x SLR digital.

Matt Maldre

YEAH, I TOTALLY WANT…ooops all caps on… i totally want to get a digital SLR, but yeah, 6-megapix for $1,200 geez. ouch. stop it! that hurts. stop poking me with the stick! yeah, that’s a nice stick, and it’s really nice. But stop poking me with it!

that’s what it’s like. it’s a nice camera, but that 6 mega-piz.. i mean pix, that really hurts. ouch!

Laura K.

i think we should all go in on a lottery ticket together. that way, we can all get fancy cameras!

Laura K.

The Moose said: “If you want a digital SLR, you can get the Canon somethin’ somethin’ for $800. It’s 6 megapixels. Nikon offers the D70 which is also 6 megapixels for about the same price. There really isn’t any other digital SLRs that are cheaper unless you buy used which i strongly recommend against. Personally, I think 6 megapixels for 800 smackers is a bad deal. There’s 8 megaapixel cameras out there that are not SLR for around 800 bucks. I haven’t researched them at all, but i know a techie-friend who bought a high-end non-SLR digital camera. That was… Read more »

Laura K.

One more clarification point: I do want some kind of manual control over the shutter speed/aperture. I don’t want a totally automatic camera. Know what I mean?

Matt Maldre

yeah all the SLRs out there are too expensive for their megapixels. I’ve been waiting for two years now for them to release a new one. I was hoping maybe this christmas season they would, but time is running out!

Please don’t make me cry, Nikon!

Laura K.

Wired Test reviewed the Olympus E-300 recently [digital SLR], calling it an “odd duck.” It has a folding mirror design instead of the traditional pentaprism. Small screen. Excessive image noise makes the ISO 1600 almost unusable. USB 1.1 transfers.

I’m leaning more and more toward a non-SLR camera with high megapixels. Hey moose, what kind did your friend get?


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