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no left turns in DC

Ever plan on visiting Washington, DC? I have some simple advice if you’re going to visit the Capitol Building. Don’t drive. There’s nowhere to park. Zero parking garages within about a 1 mile radius of the Capitol building. Street parking is all Permit Only. Find a nice place to park in the city and take the Metro in. Ok?

While driving aimlessly around the Capitol Building, I quickly became frustrated with the enormous amount of No Left Turn signs. You could physically turn on these streets, but government authorities made it a point to make left turns illegal. It was not uncommon for 8 streets in a row to have No Left Turn signs. I believe this is the work of the Bush administration. If Obama or Clinton win the White House, then I expect those signs to change into No Right Turn signs. get it? ha!

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Tom Saaristo

How did you pre-date this?

I wish Chicago would ban the “left turn on red onto one-way street OK”. It can be h-e – double hockey stick for us pedestrians.