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no Powerbook G5 in 2004

Don’t plan on buying Apple’s Powerbook G5 this year. The chip is just too hot (temperature-wise). Apple was clever with the G4 and made the enclosure out of metal, then aluminum. Apparently the G5 would make the aluminum enclosure into a frying pan. Side tip: don’t place a hot frying pan on your lap. And don’t put any valuable computer parts in a hot frying pan. InfoWorld has more.

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Laura K.

tx, i’ll check this out. i’m buying a Powerbook in the next few weeks, and was wondering about the G4/G5 thing.

Matt Maldre

did you know that macintosh is a type of apple? Someone just told me this yesterday. I never knew that!

Tom Saaristo Saaristo

:stunned: … are you kidding, spudart?

Matt Maldre

no, i’m quite serious. My knowledge is like a spiky ball. Lots of interesting spikes fill with stuff, but then lots of empty gaps. Who wants to be all smooth and round anyways?

Tom Saaristo Saaristo

I love that metaphor, spudart