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office/couch chair

Currently I use the IKEA TERJE folding chair at my home desk. Don’t get me wrong. I love IKEA. However, the TERJE is not meant for desks.

I want a chair that has the efficiency and ergonomics of an office chair, yet has the comfort of a couch. So when I need to chill and think about an idea I can lay down and on my couch chair. And if I need to do long hours of steady work, I can sit on my couch chair without getting a sore tooshy or a bad back. If anyone sees anything like this on market, let me know!

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Matt Maldre

Maybe you could just take a couch and put it on top of that wheelie stand. Then you can have couch races down the hallway!

Matt Maldre

how about standing?

Matt Maldre

That tower is a monster. Literally. It’s got big wooden teeth. It consumes anything that comes near it.

Laura K.

those names are swedish, not funny! i’m sure they think our English names are funny.

Matt Maldre

hi dee hoo-dee. yerda englisha namesa are notta fun-knee.

Matt Maldre

Happy nine-year blogversary! On this day nine years ago, you made your first blog post.