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painting on metal

so my tour de force on ebay has been slowing down. I’ve been experimenting with painting on 5×7″ sheets of aluminum. I can get a 10 pack at Home Depot for about 2 bucks (20cents a pop). That’s alot cheaper than the cost of pre-stretched canvas. In school I have been told by my printmaking teacher that artists should never let dollars and cents get in the way of their art. I fully understand this theory, but truth-be-told it’s just not realistic. I feel much more free making an experimental painting on a 20 cent sheet of aluminum instead of a full-blown pre-stretched canvas. So actually, playing the dollar-and-cents game while making art can be quite liberating.

Though painting on metal is alot trickier than I anticipated. The metal is so darn shiny. White or black are the only colors that stand out. I did some experimenting with colors and they just look dull and flat on the shiny metal. I also used my favorite tool, my Dremel, to scratch the metal. That didn’t help the colored paintings. It was ok on the paintings with just white. I’m not ready to abandon the metal paintings just yet. Metal demands a proper painter’s touch. Perhaps when the weather warms up I will revisit the use of spray paints. Or house paints might be interesting because of their inherative sloppy, uncontrollable nature.


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Matt Maldre

what subject matter are you painting on the metal? does the subject relate somehow to the metal material?

Laura K.
Laura K.

will you etch first and paint them afterward? that seems like the logical progression. at any rate, i think painting on metal sounds really cool. i would like to know more about this. post some photos please!

Matt Maldre

i can imagine the glossy paint would look tacky. Not sticky tacky, but ugly tacky. Did you do a lot with the glossy?