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sliding rocks

Curious what results would pop up on Google Image for a search on “rocks” resulted in my confrontation with the sliding rocks of Racetrack Playa in Death Valley National Park. has a great write-up of this phenomenon (also of which the image above can be attributed).

Rocks weighing several hundred pounds slide across the desert floor on their own accord with no human or animal intervention. No one knows for sure how this happens. The two most popular theories involve wind and ice.

This natural occurrence is absolutely fascinating.

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Tom Saaristo

I love the sliding rocks. They haven’t bored me yet.

I’m not sold on either theory (wind or ice) quite yet. I’d like to go feel that dessert floor. Seems a bit strange that if it were wind that the path would never be disturbed.

Matt Maldre

Actually i should say, It is wind. It is the desert floor. AND it’s that these rocks like to walk.

Matt Maldre

We’ve been waiting so long for some new blog posts that I feel like this rock sliding across the desert floor.

Matt Maldre

When I’m that rock sliding across the desert floor, I like to try to run over stuff, like bugs.

Mark R
Mark R

interesting stuff