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our society through its photos

our society through its photos’s Random Personal Picture Finder offers a great collection of photos which capture our society. The Random Personal Picture Finder takes random file name formulas used by digital cameras and does a search in Google’s Image finder. Nikon likes to use the DSCN0000.jpg formula. So will insert a random number in that formula, like […]

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problems focusing your digital camera

I got my Nikon Coolpix SQ to work! It had the hardest time focusing before. About 90% of the photos I took I had to focus the camera at least 5 times. Probably about 25% of the time it didn’t want to take the picture at all! Unfortunately, Andrea and I had to put up […]

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my eyes hurt

my eyes hurt

I am tired of websites that put large chunks of white type on black backgrounds. does it and so does Great sites, but hard to read. That’s funny cuz they are photography sites. You would think they would be sensitive to visual matters such as this.

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new Nikon D2x SLR digital camera

Cool camera alert! The 12.4 megapixel Nikon D2x SLR digital camera was announced yesterday. If I had a ton of money, I would be the first in line to buy one. Well, maybe not the first. There’s alot of nutty, obessive-compulsive photographers out there. Macworld gives a quick summary, plus a summary on 3 new […]

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