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I’m not a fan of people running onto the filed during an MLB game. As a Cubs fan, I tire of the drunken foolish stereotype blanketed across Cub-dom. However, there’s a fella in Houston who’s antics are actually quite impressive. He jumped the center field wall, climbed a pillar up to the grassy hitter’s eye, then climbed further skyward onto the concourse. Word from ESPN’s Adam Rubin is that he managed to escape the ball park, but was caught outside. sbnation detailed the runman’s journey. photo at Yahoo’s Big League Stew.

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That’s incredible!

(why does it say this was posted May 12? 🙂 )

Matt Maldre

is that video still up on youtube? I saw it there. I think I saw it cuz you faved it on youtube. It was very impressive. All people who run onto the field are required to show that level of creativity in outrunning the law.

Matt Maldre

sbnation did a great writeup on this. “Let it be known that Tal’s Hill was finally granted meaning last night.” and “Credit where it’s due: the security officer here seemed as though he was able to rip this gentleman down from the platform, but he didn’t. He probably did so because he didn’t want anyone to get hurt. A perfectly noble reason, and I like to think that he also had the presence of mind to know that one ought not tap God on the shoulder while He is painting.”