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the True Chicago Hot Dog

What’s a True Chicago Hot Dog? Forget the mustard, onion, sweet pickle relish, dill pickle, tomato, sea salt and pickled sport peppers.

The True Chicago Hot Dog’s toppings are meat, more meat, and at least one cheese. After all, Chicago was the meat packing capital of the world. It is still debatable if the cheese is a necessary ingredient.

The example shown above was consumed on June 21, 2010. It is a turkey dog wrapped in american cheese wrapped in bologna with shredded barbecue chicken with macaroni and cheese on top.

Feel free to enjoy a True Chicago hot dog this July 4th weekend!

The True Chicago Dot Dog is an off-shoot of the Elmhurst Dog which I invented in February 2008 which is a turkey dog wrapped in american cheese nestled in a white bun with BBQ pork. The True Chicago Hot Dog doesn’t have to have BBQ Pork or american cheese. It only needs two meat toppings and at least one cheese topping.

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Matt Maldre

That meat-packed hot dog looks really good.

Matt Maldre

You should try some of the hot dogs at America’s dog. They have all differnent styles of toppings, each design is named after a city.

The only thing that their hot dogs are way too thick and juicy. And their veggie dogs are the opposite, very bland.

If it weren’t for their lackluster hot dog meat, I would try every city at America’s Dog.

Tom Saaristo
Tom Saaristo

The traditional Chicago-style hot dog is my favorite way to enjoy a hot dog … and there is simply no debating how it is made. But I DO appreciate your creativity, though BBQ sauce would be a bit iffy in my book if only because it can be so over-powering. The brilliant thing about the Chicago-style hot dog is how all of the flavors work together.


Can someone tell me what is so wrong with putting ketchup on a hotdog? It even made a line in a Dirty Hairy movie that ‘no one puts ketchup on the hot dog.’ I was watching a show called best of Chicago where they went to hot dog places too and the people there said that is is bad to put ketchup on a hot dog. Me, I love the ketchup. Anyone know why?