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throwing thanks

Many thanks to my brother, Matt, for helping get my blog up and running. He did about 90% of the work. Matt recommended that I transfer my web host from to Nomonthly was nice was the last 4 years, but they don’t support php which makes this blog so easy to maintain (via pmachine.) Any way. You can check out Matt’s blog over at .

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Matt Maldre

That’s me jumping into a big pile of php and mysql code.


Mystified –are you really as far off the ground as the photo records — it appears you have reached the roof top—must be that php and mysql stuff.
This is a must see for any WBG paramour.

Tom Saaristo Saaristo

Such a good brother. Glad to see you finally have the blog up and running, Erik.

Laura K.

i’m still using nomonthly. but i don’t have this fancy-type blog. i’m letting someone else do all the work.

Matt Maldre

huh? letting who do all the work for what?

Matt Maldre

Reading this five years later, I can’t believe you were on a web host that didn’t support php. That’s like going to a McDonalds that doesn’t serve hamburgers.

And wow, look at that photo of me jumping. I look like such a athlete or active or something. I wonder if I could do that now.

Tom Saaristo

That pic is hot