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traffic light etiquette

When sitting at a traffic light, please stop your car and remain in that position until the traffic starts moving when the light turns green. It drives me crazy when I stop after a car and then all of a sudden that car decides to pull up a full car length. Now I’m left looking like a dope with a full car length of space in front of me. What’s the logic here? There is none. It’s just rude in my opinion.

Yea, it’s easy enough to lift my lazy foot off the brake and coast forward, but it’s a matter of principle. People shouldn’t be just randomly moving their cars forward at a stop light. Just stop and wait. Of course my rant does not apply to situations where a car turns right on red and the following traffic then moves forward. And this doesn’t apply to situations where you can coast consistently along hoping the light turns green soon so you don’t have to come to a complete stop.

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I like to stop at green lights to give cross-traffic a chance. Yeah, I know the light will eventually change to green for them, but it’s just a nice thing to do.

You should hear all the people honking to show their appreciation of my act of kindness.

Matt Maldre

Sparx, you are so kind! Does it take much prodding to let the other drives know that they can cross against the red light?

As a pedestrian with no car, I’ll cross diagonally across the street no matter what the light is saying. People honk their thanks all the time to me. So then I’ll stand in the middle of the intersection and wave to each car that honks at me. Sometimes they keep honking, so I’ll keep standing there waving.



They are usually reluctant to cross, because most other people aren’t as courteous as I am. And the KNOW it!

Since a horn is just a way of saying “Thanks!” or “HI!”, it’s only polite to continue waving while there are vehicles honking. You wouldn’t want someone to feel like you’re ignoring them!

Matt Maldre

sometimes they wave back and tell me that i’m number one.