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U.S. presidential campaign logos

Wanna see a slew of presidential campaign logos from 1960 through 2008? Check out Ted Kennedy’s logo is shown above just cuz he’s coo.

Paul Simon is represented in 1988’s collection, but I always thought his logo featured his trademark bow tie. I have an 88 Paul Simon button with his bow tie complete with stars and stripes.

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Matt Maldre

COOL LINK! Although I seem to recall Perot’s logo looking different when were in high school. Do you remember that? In the hallways people hung up election signs. I remember stealing Ross Perot’s. I wonder if I still have it.


My favorite is Alan Keyes. Very clever that he put a picture of keys on his banner. That guy was SMART. He could really put two and two together.


Am I crazy to prefer the Kennedy-Johnson banner from 1960 most of all?

Mark R
Mark R

I think the logo for Tom Vilsack was my favorite, although there were plenty of funny ones to choose from. The logo that simply read “Muskie” was great.

I also enjoyed the logo which consisted only of pictures of hands spelling out the candidates names in sign language alphabet. I want to know who segment of the population that was designed for?

Tom Saaristo

I thought Alan Keyes
s “keys” was pretty stupid at first, but it really was genius.

I prefer the more minimal ones with red white and blue. Yellow? Please. I like the Kennedy one from 1960. Regan, Dole & Edwards caught my eye too.

Interesting that you should post Kennedy’s banner at the same time he was being admitted to the hospital after suffering a seizure.

Mark R
Mark R

Is Ted the guy who allegedly “killed” his wife/girlfriend years ago when he drove his car into a lake or something while intoxicated? Or am I confusing my Kennedy’s?