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worst mini-fig in series 2

About a year ago I blogged about LEGO introducing the “minifigures” series. This last Christmas I bought a minifigure from series 2 for my brother. I didn’t feel around the packaging to guess its contents. He wound up with the worst figure in the series: the singer.

Fast forward to Monday, January 3rd. I felt around all the kits at the beginning of the Borders checkout line for a solid 20 minutes. One worker asked if everything was ok. I should have said, “NO! I can’t find the sombrero man!” He then asked if i was just browsing, and I said, “Yes. I am browsing.”

Figures that I certainly did not want were put to the side, like the witch, weight lifter, and the police officer. Side note: If you want the witch from this series, then head over the Borders in Danada Square in Wheaton, IL. They have a ton. There was one package that I could not figure out its contents for the life of me. I was so intrigued that I bought it. Everyone at work guessed it was the disco dancer. I said it couldn’t be him because the hair isn’t circular enough. As I opened the packaged I pulled out the figure’s pink legs and disaster struck. It was the exact same figure my brother got: the singer. Distrust, then anger and finally dissatisfaction settled in.

Now I am determined to visit another Borders to get the sombrero man.

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Matt Maldre

What is #8 on this poster? That looks like the worst one. At least the singer one might be fun for kids. They could pretend to make their singer sing.

Tom Saaristo

#8 looks like a really bad Pam Anderson from Bay Watch mini-fig +shiver+


Oh rapture yes. This is the exact reason I was born.
To find you, my long lost blogger soul-mate.


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